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Soft Egyptian cotton

Egyptian cotton towels are well known for their soft and durable fibers. Definitely the better investment for something that is used everyday on your skin.

Incredibly absorbent

At 660 GSM, our towels are packed with generous amounts of long-staple cotton fibers, resulting in a soft and super absorbent towel.

Extra plush

Our extra plush towels have extra capacity to absorb more water, keeping you warm and comfy-dry. No more sudden cold breezes out of the bathroom!

Luxury-grade towels second to none.

These towels are super fluffy, soft and absorbent, exactly what you would expect from the cream of the crop. 

You'll only find these in world-class hotels and accommodations, that is, before you own your own personal luxury towel.

Details & Specifications


100% Gossypium Barbadian [Egyptian Cotton]

1000g per towel

155cm x 80cm (Large)

7D Cotton fibers

Egyptian Cotton

Gossypium barbadense, also known as [Egyptian Cotton], is the material of choice when it comes to the best towels.

Cotton fabric boasts the perfect softness and absorbency, which are the core features of any towel. The long and staple fibers of Egyptian cotton makes it even softer and durable, suitable for everyday use.


The absorbent nature of cotton is why it has been the preferred fabric for centuries. Cotton wicks away moisture better than any other fabric due to its hollow fiber , which in turn keeps you dry and cozy. 

At a whooping 660 GSM, our towels are packed densely with a generous amount of fibers, resulting in a very soft and absorbent towel.

Our towels are made with 100% pure Egyptian cotton so you enjoy having maximum absorbency for a snugly dry and comfortable "out of bathroom" experience! 

Extra plush 

With each towel weighing 1000g, you can only imagine the capacity it has to trap water. This allows water to be wiped away with the best efficiently. 

The large maximum capacity also prevents the towel from being drench after every single use, prolonging the number of times you can use before sending it for washing again. 

Large surface size

At 155cm x 80cm, our towels are considered larger than normal towels. This means more area for to wick away water effectively and more volume to trap water.

if you've always hated getting the towels fully soaked before you manage to dry yourself, you'll probably love your new towels.

Why are the sheets so soft?

These super fine cotton threads are 3 x finer than your average cotton tees. They are light and thin enough to allow great flexibility of these threads towards movement, resulting is an amazingly soft sheet. 

Our 100% Cotton sheets grow even softer after every wash. 

The softness of the sheets makes your bed feel luxuriously comfortable, the perfect haven for your body after a hard day's work. 

Smooth sateen weave
Moisture Wicking
The perfect thread count balance
Breathable Fabric
Egyptian Towel Selection

Our 100% Egyptian Cotton Towels are available in 3 colours.

155cm x 80cm towel [Large] x 1

The OAS™ Promise

Returns within 14 days

If you think that the sheets aren't suitable for your tastes, you can request to return your purchase simply by writing in to our email, no questions asked!

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