Premium Tencel™ Bed Sheet Set

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Luxuriously Soft & Smooth

Tencel™ fibers have the smoothest surface and exhibits great flexibility, resulting in sheets that are exquisitely soft and smooth to the touch.

Moisture Wicking & Natural Body Temperature Regulating

Sourced from Eucalyptus trees in Europe, the fibrils of cellulosic fibers are structured to regulate the moisture movements, enhancing fabric breathability that helps our body to keep cool.

Hypoallergenic and Oeko-Tex® Certified Fibers

Our sheets are made of 100 % pure Tencel™ Lyocell, the latest and most eco-friendly generation of textiles. The smoothness & unpolluted properties of the sheet makes it gentle to the skin, suitable for both normal and sensitive skin.


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Our senses are the ultimate judge for the bedding we sleep on.

Our skin determines the quality, not thread count nor marketing.

We have been listening to chatters of the world for far too long, and it is time we focus on our own body.

By listening to our senses, harmonizing it's thoughts with the gifts from nature, our sheets are crafted.

This is true comfort, and what we made our sheets to be.

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Features & Descriptions
Tencel Benefits in Singapore

Feathery Soft & Silky Smooth Fabric

The fibers and the weave of a sheet determines its softness. Tencel fibers are naturally very soft while sateen weave techniques produce the smoothest sheets. By combining the right material with the best weaving technique for it, we're able to craft sheets featuring softness and smoothness unmatched by any others, resulting in a feathery soft and silky smooth texture.

We use premium single-ply yarns at the optimal true thread count of 300 per square inch. No overdoing, no gimmicks.

Benefits: Soft sheets are extra comfortable and lustrous to the skin. Smooth texture reduces abrasive action, which makes it suitable babies and sensitive skin.

Highly Breathable and Cooling Sensation

Derived from eucalyptus trees grown in Europe, the cellulose fibers are naturally porous. This results in a breathable sheet which allows air to flow through unhindered, keeping our body cool at optimal temperature. At a true thread count of 300 per inch, the yarns are woven at the best density which adds to the efficiency for air-flow.

Benefits: Allows you to have uninterrupted rest, not waking up midway thought the night due to heat.

Moisture-Wicking & Non-Clingy to Skin

Not only does the cellulosic fibers allow our sheets to be highly breathable, they also grant the fabric its absorbent nature, keeping our body comfortable even on hot and humid nights. Due to its natural origins, the sheets feel pleasant on skin and isn't as tacky or clingy to the skin even when wet unlike synthetic blends such as microfiber.

Benefits: Pleasant to touch. Keeps the body cool and dry even in humid conditions. Suitable for all sleepers, including those who may sweat during the night.

Hypoallergenic & Anti-Bacterial Properties

Tencel is very well known for being a hypoallergenic material, which means it is not made with substances known to commonly cause allergic reactions. Its hydrophilic fibers absorb water quickly and prevents saturated conditions from forming, which in turn reduces the the possibility for allergens and microbes to thrive.

Benefits: The combination of the fiber properties allow the fabric to be naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacteria. For people with sensitive skin that easily reacts to allergens, this is a godsend.

Made from Environmental-Friendly & Sustainable Eucalyptus Forests

Farmed from sustainable wood sources that doesn't require large amounts of water and created with a closed-loop process, Tencel sheets are arguably the most eco-friendly option available in the world. We now have the option to choose materials that are not only healthy to our skin, but to our planet as well. 

Benefits: Choosing eco-friendly products help keep our resources on earth sustainable.

Premier Workmanship

We re-examined and improved the process of crafting our sheets, stitch by stitch. Our Tencel series are made by hand, using the most durable structure and method of stitching which is finer than standards common in the industry. These finer details are the mark of true quality, commonly unseen by the masses. Although this may not be the fastest way to craft and produce, we're able to ensure the utmost quality of our sheets.

Benefits: A sturdier and finer technique of stitching allows our sheets stronger durability even at its edges. We place more emphasis on quality rather than the speed of crafting. sacrificing production numbers for better quality. The stitching can be easily differentiated when compared side by side with others.

Easy to Wash and Anti-Wrinkle

Our modern environment requires us to be fast paced, and the ease of handling sheets play an important role. Since our fibers are naturally more resistant to wrinkles so there is no need to keep the sheets ironed. However, you may still do so if you prefer a crisper texture. These sheets can be machine washed in cold to luke-warm water with mild detergents. They can also be tumble-dried for convenience (remember to remove once dried), but we suggest hanging them out to dry naturally to further reduce wrinkles!

Benefits: No hassle in sheet maintenance and washing. Simply and easy washing instructions.

Strong Fibers, Durable Sheets

Built to last, the fibers itself are long and strong, resulting in sheets that doesn't pile easily while portraying great strength. Although professionals recommend having new sheets every now and then, we all know that doesn't really happen, that's why sheets that are strong and durable will easily outlive their lifespan and provide great value for the sleepers. Long fibers aren't picked as easily as shorter counterparts, thus they do not pile as often. This added durability ensures that the sheets stay comfortable even after multiple washes.

Benefits: Sheets stay comfortable even after washes without piling easily. They also last a long time so there is no need to buy new sheets often, making it worthwhile for the sheet owners.

Bed Sheet Set Selection

Our 100% Tencel Sheets are available in 3 Natural tones which are modern and fits well into any ambiance.

SingleS. SingleQueenKing
91 x 191 x 40 cm107x 191 x 40 cm152 x 191 x 40 cm183 x 191 x 40 cm
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