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Smoke Grey Egyptian Cotton Towel [650g]
Smoke Grey Egyptian Cotton Towel [650g]
Smoke Grey Egyptian Cotton Towel [650g]
Smoke Grey Egyptian Cotton Towel [650g]


Smoke Grey Egyptian Cotton Towel [650g]


OAS X NM Collab Towel Series

Experience luxury from OAK & SAND products, seamlessly paired with Neonmello colorways.

Our NM collab towels are specially tailored for Asian female sizes. Egyptian cotton is well known for being super effective at wicking up moisture. While we keep our towel dimensions at 150 cm x 80 cm for the large drying surface area, we have reduced the weight and density of the towels to make them lighter. 


Perfect when drying hair and body, manageable during washing, we've kept all the important functions intact.

  • 650g Premium Towel
  • 150 cm x 80 cm [Body Towel]
  • 100% Gossypium barbadense [Egyptian Cotton]

      Smoke Grey Egyptian Cotton Towel [650g]

      Smoke Grey Egyptian Cotton Towel [650g]


      Luxury Hotel Quality

      Our factory crafts bedding for both online retail and on-the-ground hotel supplies. The sheer volume, alongside our online-only retail, allows us to pass substantial savings directly to you.

      Incredibly absorbent

      At 650 GSM, our towels are packed with generous amounts of long-staple cotton fibers, resulting in a soft and super absorbent towel.

      Soft Premier Egyptian cotton

      Egyptian cotton towels are well known for their soft and durable fibers. Definitely the better investment for something that is used everyday on your skin.

      Oak & Sand ™

      Minimalist | Contemporary | Comfort

      A contemporary, yet minimalist design is the essence of our ethos.

      The quintessence of simplicity, made to bring you through a journey of absolute relaxation and tranquility within

      We have done away with the excessive while holding on to the beauty of the modern era, keeping only the essential elements in mind.

      Select goods consisting of materials which have been carefully procured, encompassing design features that emphasize form and functionality.

      Details & Specifications
      Density650 GSM
      Material100% Gossypium Barbadian [Egyptian Cotton]
      Weight800 g
      Dimensions155 cm x 80 cm
      Material diameter7D Egyptian Cotton Fibers

      Egyptian Cotton

      Gossypium barbadense, also known as [Egyptian Cotton], is the material of choice when it comes to the best towels.

      Cotton fabric boasts the perfect softness and absorbency, which are the core features of any towel. The long and staple fibers of Egyptian cotton makes it even softer and durable, suitable for everyday use.


      The absorbent nature of cotton is why it has been the preferred fabric for centuries. Cotton wicks away moisture better than any other fabric due to its hollow fiber , which in turn keeps you dry and cozy. 

      At 650 GSM, our towels are packed densely with a generous amount of fibers, resulting in a very soft and absorbent towel.

      Our towels are made with 100% pure Egyptian cotton so you enjoy having maximum absorbency for a snugly dry and comfortable "out of bathroom" experience! 

      Large surface size

      At 155cm x 80cm, our towels are considered larger than normal towels. This means more area for to wick away water effectively and more volume to trap water. We've also made the towels lighter than our usual to for manageability. 

      The OAS™ Promise

      Returns within 14 days

      If you think that the sheets aren't suitable for your tastes, you can request to return your purchase simply by writing in to our email, no questions asked!

      Free shipping above $48

      Enjoy free tracked shipping when you purchase an order with $48 or more!

      Current Locations: Singapore 
      Upcoming: USA, UK, Japan

      Hotel Supplies Company

      We supply bedding to both consumers and hotels.

      Our factory crafts our own OAS™ sheets for online retail and B2B supplies, thus the savings from quantity, coupled with our online-only operations, gets passed on to you.