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Feathery Soft & Silky Smooth

Premium 100% Tencel Sheets

Made from Austrian Eucalyptus trees. Sheets meticulously crafted for both humans and earth.

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Luxury Hotel Sink-in pillow bundles

Stay-In Gift

Surprise your loved ones with a cuddly pillow companion

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Fine-fill Comforters/Duvet

Luxury Quality Hotel Comforters

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Our designs are meant to keep your thoughts clear and eyes relaxed with gentle nordic tones.


Select your own color combinations and personalize your bed without paying for extra sets!


High quality sheets may be expensive to craft. Even so, we believe they should not carry over-priced tags.

Luxury Bedding & Hotel Supplies Co.


Immerse yourself and let your body recharge amongst our luxuriously soft & comfortable sheets.


With the perfect balance between softness, smoothness and breathability, these sheets will beyond any doubt, keep you snuggling in coziness all night long.


We supply bedding to both consumers and hotels. Our factory crafts our own sheets for both online retail and B2B supplies, thus the savings from quantity, coupled with our online-only operations gets passed on to you.

Home and Living


Select any color-block combinations according to your favourite style and home design.

Available in 5 Scandinavian tones, our neutral-toned sheets will fit right into any bedroom with ease.

Our super soft and smooth sheets will have you craving to lay on your cozy crib every single night!


Shop Cotton Sheets

Hotels and Accommodations


Pure 100% Cotton Sheets and quality pillows with comforters for a luxurious and unforgettable night's rest for your guests.

Bedding has always been regarded as one of the top factors to determine the quality of an accommodation, and that's why these sheets and bedding are coveted by top-rated hotels all over the globe.


Business Enquiries

Cozy Bedding

Complete your ultimate sleeping experience with our OAS™ Sink-in fluffy pillows and extra plushy comforters / duvets. If you have ever loved the feeling of your luxury vacation stay and never wanted to leave your bed, we're sure you'll love everything here!

Best Seller

The Ultimate Sink-in Softness

Indulge yourself in luxuriously soft and cloud-like bedding. Pillows and duvets sought after by top-rated hotels.




Common Questions and Answers

  • Where do you ship to?

    Our headquarters is located in Singapore and we ship all our products locally. For international shipments, only our sheets/linen/towels/robes can be shipped. Bulky items such as duvets, pillows and mattress protectors are not eligible.
  • Are your sheets machine washable?

    Our sheets are machine washable and can be blown dry.
  • Retail OAS™ products in Hotels/AirBnB/Store | For Collab/Affiliations/Sponsors

    Please, write in to us at and we'd love to hear you out!