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Ultra Fine Fill Luxury Pillow-Oak & Sand ™ Official Store
Ultra Fine Fill Luxury Pillow-Oak & Sand ™ Official Store
Ultra Fine Fill Luxury Pillow-Oak & Sand ™ Official Store
Ultra Fine Fill Luxury Pillow-Oak & Sand ™ Official Store


Oak & Sand™ Ultra Fine Fill Luxury Hotel Pillow


Dive right into bed with your very own luxury hotel sink-in pillow.

Extra-large, ultra-soft, and incredibly comfortable, you'd be loving your nights even more!


OAS™ - Luxury bedding & Hotel Supplies Company

Our factory crafts pillows for both online retail and on-the-ground hotel supplies. The sheer volume, alongside our online-only retail model, allows us to operate with low overheads, thereby passing substantial savings directly to you.



- Sink-in softness

- 48 cm x 78 cm Standard large pillow (fits into other standard sized pillowcases)

- Ultra-fine fiberfill

- Hypoallergenic 100% cotton casing

- Sand Gold (Medium soft) & Oak Brown trimmings (Ultra-soft)

- Generously filled [ 55 oz / 49 oz ]

Ultra Fine Fill Luxury Pillow-Oak & Sand ™ Official Store

Oak & Sand™ Ultra Fine Fill Luxury Hotel Pillow



Down-proof cotton casing.

Pure cotton threads tightly woven to prevent mites from passing through.

Ultimate sink-in softness

Our ultra fine fiber fill pillows are super soft and squishy and conforms to

whatever shape you want it to be.
If you absolutely love that luxurious sink in stay-cation pillows, then look no further. 

True Comfort

The pillow regulates heat well due to its silk-like fiber filling. These fill do not cluster together unlike other pillows, allowing heat to dissipate evenly.

Pillow Case Add-ons

Our 100% Cotton pillowcases are available in 5 Neutral-Scandinavian tones which are gentle are relaxing to the eyes. 

Large - 50 x 80 cm Pillowcase

The Brand

Minimalist | Contemporary | Comfort

A contemporary, yet minimalist design is the essence of our ethos.

The quintessence of simplicity, made to bring you through a journey of absolute relaxation and tranquility within

We have done away with the excessive while holding on to the beauty of the modern era, keeping only the essential elements in mind.

Select goods consisting of materials which have been carefully procured, encompassing design features that emphasize form and functionality.


100% Ultra-soft fiber fill

Although usually unmentioned, the texture of the fillings of pillows play an important role in crafting an ultra soft pillow.

The smooth texture of our pillow fivers allow the least resistance between fibers when being compressed and the ultra fine thickness allows more air space in between the fibers, providing extreme softness when being squeezed.

At a whooping 49 oz (Ultra soft) and 53 oz (Balanced & Soft), one can only imagine how much fluff is contained in a pillow!

Sink-in softness

Modern technology advances has allowed fibers to be made finer than ever. Our pillows are filled with luxurious fibers which are so fine that they are silk-like in quality, which is softer than down.

At only a denier of thickness, these ultra fine fibers allow air to be trapped evenly, giving you the sink-in coziness that you've always wanted from your pillows.

The softness of these pillows is the exact reason why they remain the popular choice among highly rated hotels and accommodations.


Most allergies come from the mites and their excretions, or from down fillings.

Our down-proof cotton casing are tightly woven so that there is no space for these mites to crawl through, preventing them from building up inside the pillows itself. The interior of the casing is also treated with a layer of anti-mite technology as an added prevention against mites.

By sleeping on these pillows, you are bound for a comfy sleep without worries!  

Down-proof cotton casing

Traditionally used to prevent down from straying out of the pillow, these cotton casing are woven so tightly that even mites will have trouble crawling through them, 

Choosing your softness

Ultra soft 

Our ultra soft pillows provide the ultimate sink-in softness. If you absolutely love the never-get-up feeling of your luxurious hotel stays, then sink right into the depths of your snugly-wuggly pillow with the ultra soft.

Recommended to pair up with a balanced soft sink-in pillow for maximum comfort and adjust-ability.

49 oz. of softness, all encased in a single & large supple pillow

Medium soft

These balanced soft sink-in pillows are similar to the softness of down pillows and they provide more support than the ultra soft counterpart. This is the recommended pillow most ideal the one-pillow sleepers.

Recommended to pair up with an ultra soft sink-in pillow for maximum comfort and adjust-ability.

53 oz. of softness all concentrated in a single & large supple pillow 

The OAS™ Promise

Returns within 14 days

If you think that the sheets aren't suitable for your tastes, you can request to return your purchase simply by writing in to our email, no questions asked!

Free shipping above $48

Enjoy free tracked shipping when you purchase an order with $48 or more!

Current Locations: Singapore 
Upcoming: USA, UK, Japan

Hotel supplies company

We supply bedding to both consumers and hotels.

Our factory crafts our own OAS™ sheets for online retail and B2B supplies, thus the savings from quantity, coupled with our online-only operations gets passed on to you.