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Cozy bedding, for humans and earth

Simple and comfy bedding that are ethically designed, sustainably sourced and crafted for both humans and earth. We’re bent on making our world a better place, even if it’s only 1%, and there’s no better place to start than with our own bedrooms.

For Hotels & Accoms 

Our retail and B2B selection consist of bedding provided for top rated hotels. Our factories craft & supply goods directly, so you can be sure of the authenticity and quality of our products. 

For business, collaboration or bulk purchases, kindly write in to us at:

HOTEL bedsheets and pillows
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Our Team

With years of experience in the textile and hotel industry, we have seen every fabric known to man that earth has to offer. From human-made polyester to threads made of pure silver, we scientifically analyse and logically select properties with the aim of crafting the perfect bedding & sheets.

With expertise from luxury piano fabric making, coupled with keen senses and knowledge on interior and fashion design in our team, you can literally rest assured, knowing that your sheets are rationally and sensibly designed. 

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Cozy | Comfy | Simple

The very reason(s) for our existence. We make cozier and comfier sheets simple, exactly how they should have been, naturally.

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For Humans

The comfiest and coziest bedding meant for human skin, with simple yet functional features backed by science and judged by our own senses.

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For Earth

Ethically sourced from sustainable resources, we’re giving back to nature. Not just for the benefit of our future generations, but for earth itself.

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Returns within 30 days

If you think our bedding aren't suitable for your tastes, you can request to return your purchase simply by writing in to our email, no questions asked!

Free shipping above $48

Enjoy free tracked shipping when you purchase an order with $48 or more!

Current Locations: Singapore 
Upcoming: USA, UK, Japan

Hotel bedsheets and bedding/pillows/duvet/comforter

Hotel supplies company

We supply bedding to both consumers and hotels.

Our factory crafts our own OAS™ sheets for online retail and B2B supplies, thus the savings from quantity, coupled with our online-only operations gets passed on to you.