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Luxury Goods

Minimalist | Comfort | Quality 

Our mission is simple.

We craft only quality goods.

We filter unnecessary noise.

We cut the middleman

We explain.

Words from the Team

Hello there, we hope you enjoy your stay here!

OAS is based on the simplest of all business concepts. by providing value for anyone who owns our carefully crafted goods. With our flair in design and eagerness for perfection, we are confident that you'll love them as we only offer quality goods which are simple in design yet comfortable.

Our team consists of everyday people, just like you and me, who are good at what they do. From fashion design to crafting and manufacturing luxury textile goods and most importantly, honest marketing, we're able to blend it all together for the uniqueness of OAS.

Our intent is simple and clear, we select and present only the best in terms of aesthetics, functionality and quality.

We honor transparency and honesty in our goods. No fancy made-up jargon that causes confusion. We use logic and knowledge to explain the choices we make.   

Even though our concept is based on simplicity with minimalist designs, that does not mean our effort is minimal.

What actually determines quality?

Quality goods are so often defined by their price that many of us have been misled into the thinking "higher price is higher quality"

While it is not entirely wrong, we think that it does not necessarily align with our definition of quality.

Quality, in our terms for bedding products, simply equates to the following;
The amount of comfort it gives, the feeling of touch against the human skin and,
the craftsmanship of the product.

Rather than depend on artificial and exorbitant prices as a determination of "quality", we break it down to its most basic form and test each and every product for long periods of time. 

This, is how we define quality.

Marketing noise - The truth about sheets

I'm sure you have had your fair share of experience with products not living up to expectations, products that simply were exaggerated beyond belief.
 1000 TC?
Measured by metric?

You've probably seen some of these Jargon and some had paid high prices for them. 

A prime example would be that, a 900 TC cotton, is simply impossible to achieve as the cloth would be too thin and brittle, which totally isn't suitable as bedding.

This is achieved by weaving threads into each other, also known to the market as 2 ply or 3 ply textiles. Simply put, with 3 fibers woven into a single thread, these sheets are marketed as as triple their thread count. A 300 TC sheet marketed as an up-class and expensive 900 TC cotton sheet.

Technically, they are not wrong, but morally it is unacceptable. 

If you are interested to learn more about these gimmicks, click here. 

Cutting the middleman

Cost savings have always been one of the concerns for shoppers and any growing businesses alike. Skimping on quality is never going to be an option, but cutting the middleman is definitely a huge way.

At OAS™, we bring the products directly from our online store to your doorstep. Since we do not have overheads from physical retail, these cost savings are in turn transferred to you. The rest goes into our crafting, testing, researching and salaries, for better varieties and products.

How about the future? We will still venture into other forms of physical retail. However, at that point, we would be able to greatly increase our scale and therefore, still be able to operate these ventures without compromising your satisfaction with our prices.

Explaining our choices

From our vision above, you've probably realized that we tend to explain our actions transparently. At the current market sophistication, almost every shopper is a smart and informed shopper. There is totally no point in gaming a consumer, for they are also individuals, like us, who simply seek quality goods.

There is a reason to every material chosen, every fillings picked, every product on display.

And we explain why.