Move-in Bundles

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Complimantary Items

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1 x Bedsheet Set

Choose from three different materials:


TENCEL™ Lyocell

Giza Egyptian Cotton

1 x Luxury Hotel Duvet Insert

Choose from two different duvet inserts:

Summer | 200 gsm

Great for all weather, fan-ventilated or air-conditioned

Luxury | 350 gsm

Extra thick and fluff, great for air-conditioned rooms

2 x Luxury Hotel Pillows

Choose from two different hotel pillows

Soft | 1400 grams

Great for back sleepers and pillow stackers

Medium | 1550 grams

Great for side sleepers and those who require more support

Luxury Hotel Towels

*Towels are only available in TENCEL™ x Naia and Giza Egyptian Bundles | Not included in TENCEL™ Lyocell bundle

For Single & Super Single bundles

1 x Luxury Hotel Towel


For King & Queen bundles

2 x Luxury Hotel Towels

Complimentary items

For Single & Super Single bundles (Worth up to $28.90)

1 x Additional Pillowcase + Private courier


for Queen & King bundles (Worth up to $47.80)

2 x Additional Pillowcases + Private courier

What's included

Move-in Bundles