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Advanced and precise neck/back support for side/back sleepers

Individually pocketed coils means that every point on the bed is supported by its very own coil, providing the best contour and weight distribution.

Luxury mattress - Crafted by Masters

Van Vorst mattresses are designed and crafted by long time experts in the industry who understand both craftsmanship and material quality. 

Minimizes and isolates bed movement

 The comfiest sink-in memory foam toppers, paired with heat tempered individually pocketed coils, allows maximum support and neutralization of movements.

Perfect for light sleepers and partners who toss & turn.

The OAS™ Promise

10 Year Warranty

10 Year Warranty for any manufacturing defects ensures the quality of our products.

Made-to-order (4 weeks)

The freshest mattress to prevent any possibility of storage damage.
You can be sure that you won't be getting a leftover piece that has been stored away for years. 

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In-person Viewing 

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Hotel supplies company

We supply bedding to both consumers and hotels.

Our factory crafts our own products for online retail and B2B supplies, thus the savings from quantity, coupled with our online-only operations gets passed on to you.


Luxury Bedding | Hotel Supplies Co.

A contemporary, yet minimalist design is the essence of our ethos.

The quintessence of simplicity, made to bring you through a journey of absolute relaxation and tranquility within. 

We have done away with the excessive while holding on to the beauty of the modern era, keeping only the essential elements in mind.

Select goods consisting of materials which have been carefully procured, encompassing design features that emphasize form and functionality.

Since the nineteenth century 1888,
with unwavering commitment to integrity and the highest ethical standards,
the Van Vorst mattress company has built its reputation based on providing the finest quality products,
uncompromising consistency and providing utmost value.

Features & Descriptions
Tencel Benefits in Singapore

Premium Individually-Pocketed Coil Spring - Advanced Core

The base core of a Van Vorst mattress is made of Individually pocketed coils which provide the most precise and advanced support for the human body in the industry. Compared to “bed-in-a-box hybrid mattresses” and the entry-level “ Bonnell Spring Mattresses”, the individually pocketed coil system is far superior in every way.

The individually pocketed coil system is widely sought by luxury hotels all over the world, who prioritize comfort for their guests and longevity of the mattresses. 

Benefits: Perfect for both side and back-sleepers. The individually pocketed coils adjusts accordingly to the loaded weight, providing the best contour since it does not affect adjacent springs unlike its counterparts. 

Belgium Therapeutic Natural Latex  Bed Toppers - Ecoolatex®

Van Vorst Toppers are made of an optimal combination of theopoetic texture natural Latex (Ecoolatex®) upper segment and resilient foam lower support. Both materials serve important functions. The latter provides a cooling effect and a layer of strong support for the mattress to maintain it's shape after usage. The natural latex also responds and adapts well to pressure points of the body.

Imported from Belgium,  Ecoolatex® is naturally dust mite and bacteria resistant. Natural latex is also vital in providing a cooling platform for the body compared to synthetic latex.
Benefits: The toppers are of utmost importance as they are in direct contact with our body. Van Vorst mattresses sport the optimal combination, providing a cooling and comfortable sleeping experience with great response to pressure points of the human body while staying resilient to its original form.

Engineered Fabric Cover - Biorytmic® Material 

Through fabric research and development, the Biorytmic® fabric encompasses natural minerals derived directly from nature for improvements in body balance and rejuvenation. Apart from the additional benefits, natural cotton is highly breathable and incredibly comfortable to the skin. This is the reason why cotton has been a staple fabric through centuries.

The fabric is both OEKO-TEX 100 Standard and GOTS (Organic) Certified free from harmful chemicals.

Benefits: High quality fabric that doesn't trap heat and won't bottleneck your mattress setup with your bed linen.  On top of natural cotton benefits, the engineered Biorytmic® fabric carries extra properties that help your body reduce stress and rejuvenate as you sleep. 

Quality Resilient Foam - Bottom Layer of Mattress Topper 

Since latex is a dense material, the lower layer of the mattress topper is made of quality resilient foam, providing lightness and softness to allow better contour to the human body. At Van Vorst, attention to detail is provided even to the unseen & untold components. While others may choose to cut costs by using recycled foam that are cut-up blocks of byproducts, our mattresses are assembled only with quality resilient foam made specifically for mattresses. The foam is not only soft, but durable as well.

Benefits: The foam component introduces a softer and light-weight feel to the overall mattress topper, reducing its density and optimizing pressure support. This allows the topper extra maneuverability for the perfect contour that supports the human body.

Anti Dust Mites and Anti Bacterial

Both the combinations of our GOTS certified fabric and Ecoolatex® are known to be naturally unfavorable for dust-mites and bacterial growth. Most allergic reactions of the human skin are due to dust-mites and their excretions. By not allowing them to thrive, the risk of allergies are significantly reduced.

Benefits: Hypoallergenic, suitable for babies and people with sensitive skin.

Premier Craftsmanship & Hand Assembled

While some components such as the heat tempered stainless steel coils are produced by German precision furnaces, the mattress has to be hand assembled and that's where years of specialization and workmanship comes into play. Van Vorst mattresses are only manufactured in accredited factories to ensure consistency and quality.

Benefits: The pairing of high quality materials alongside the finest workmanship skills of crafters, results in a mattress that is second to none in terms of built and sleep quality. All Van Vorst mattresses also comes with a 10 year warranty as a proof of reliability.

Customize Your Sets

We break down our sets so you can craft your own color & bedding combinations, without limits.