Oak & Sand™ Sink-In Luxury Hotel Pillow



Down-proof cotton casing.

Pure cotton threads tightly woven to prevent mites from passing through.

Ultimate sink-in softness

Our ultra fine fiber fill pillows are super soft and squishy and conforms to

whatever shape you want it to be.
If you absolutely love that luxurious sink in stay-cation pillows, then look no further. 

True Comfort

The pillow regulates heat well due to its silk-like fiber filling. These fill do not cluster together unlike other pillows, allowing heat to dissipate evenly.

Hotel Supplies Co.
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Cozy | Comfy | Simple

The very reason(s) for our existence. We make cozier and comfier sheets simple, exactly how they should have been, naturally.

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For Humans

The comfiest and coziest bedding meant for human skin, with simple yet functional features backed by science and judged by our own senses.

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For Earth

Ethically sourced from sustainable resources, we’re giving back to nature. Not just for the benefit of our future generations, but for earth itself.

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Hotel bedsheets and bedding/pillows/duvet/comforter

Hotel supplies company

Our expertise allows us absolute control down to the fibers of the fabric, enabling us to craft & develop exclusive materials in unique colours while skipping retail mark-ups.


Snippets of our bedding in everyday lives


100% Ultra-soft fiber fill

Although usually unmentioned, the texture of the fillings of pillows play an important role in crafting an ultra soft pillow.

The smooth texture of our pillow fivers allow the least resistance between fibers when being compressed and the ultra fine thickness allows more air space in between the fibers, providing extreme softness when being squeezed.

At a whooping 49 oz (soft) and 53 oz (medium), one can only imagine how much fluff is contained in a pillow!

Sink-in softness

Modern technology advances has allowed fibers to be made finer than ever. Our pillows are filled with luxurious fibers which are so fine that they are silk-like in quality, which is softer than down.

At only a denier of thickness, these ultra fine fibers allow air to be trapped evenly, giving you the sink-in coziness that you've always wanted from your pillows.

The softness of these pillows is the exact reason why they remain the popular choice among highly rated hotels and accommodations.


Most allergies come from the mites and their excretions, or from down fillings.

Our down-proof cotton casing are tightly woven so that there is no space for these mites to crawl through, preventing them from building up inside the pillows itself. The interior of the casing is also treated with a layer of anti-mite technology as an added prevention against mites.

By sleeping on these pillows, you are bound for a comfy sleep without worries!  

Down-proof cotton casing

Traditionally used to prevent down from straying out of the pillow, these cotton casing are woven so tightly that even mites will have trouble crawling through them, 

Choosing your softness


Our soft pillows provide the ultimate sink-in softness. If you absolutely love the never-get-up feeling of your luxurious hotel stays, then sink right into the depths of your snugly-wuggly pillow with the soft sink-in pillow.

Recommended to pair up with a medium sink-in pillow for maximum comfort and adjust-ability.

49 oz. of softness, all encased in a single & large supple pillow


These medium sink-in pillows are similar to the softness of down pillows and they provide more support than the soft sink-in counterpart. This is the recommended pillow most ideal the one-pillow sleepers.

Recommended to pair up with an soft sink-in pillow for maximum comfort and adjust-ability.

53 oz. of softness all concentrated in a single & large supple pillow 

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Liyan L.
Singapore Singapore
I recommend this product

The soft pillows!

I love your packaging!

  • Softness Super CrispCrispIn the middleSoftSuper Soft
  • Smoothness Cozy TexturedSlightly TexturedIn betweenSmoothButtery Smooth!
  • Comfort DiscomfortPoorOkayComfySuper comfy!
Singapore Singapore
I recommend this product


Stop from going to another merchant. Choosing a good pillow can be very difficult at time but rest assured that you guys are in a good place. Bought my first pillow here and immediately fall in love with it. Decided to get my second one, it's really nice to see your loved one sleeping soundly sinking into deep sleep into the soft pillows. Not only the items but the service that I've got when I was in the showroom is superb. He was so knowledgeable explaining about the products... Overall experience is superb and i will definitely be back to get more product. Well, done guys, now I've got no issue to get my pillows and other stuff.

  • Softness Super CrispCrispIn the middleSoftSuper Soft
  • Smoothness Cozy TexturedSlightly TexturedIn betweenSmoothButtery Smooth!
  • Comfort DiscomfortPoorOkayComfySuper comfy!