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Ultra Breathable

Properly regulates the air flow, keeping your body at the right temperature for better and uninterrupted sleep.

Incredibly soft and absorbent

Our 100% Cotton Sheets are soft to the touch and doesn't feel tacky even in hot and/or humid weather.

Ultimate Comfort

The perfect balance between softness, breathability and density of your sheets keeps you snuggling in comfort every single night.

In this current era, the modern day individual benefits greatly by keeping things simple.

This is why we've decided to embrace the basics.

Our minimalist designs are meant to keep your thoughts clear and eyes relaxed.

Functional features that are useful and not irrelevant.

If a modern lifestyle is what you seek, and comfort is your desire, then you'll probably love what you see here.

Why are the sheets so soft?
What makes it smooth?
Moisture Wicking
The perfect thread count balance
Breathable Fabric

Available in 5 modern tones

Thread Count

Thread Count, literally means the number of threads per square inch or 10cm square [ Metric system ]. 

It is therefore natural to think that the the higher the thread count, the more expensive the sheet, the better the quality.

In the 1960s when 180 thread count sheets were considered luxury, that statement may hold true. However in modern times, with technological advancement, when we see 1000 TC cotton sheets which go way beyond the natural limits of cotton structure, something is definitely amiss.