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Pillows & Duvets

Your perfect bedroom companion, exactly how you'd love them to be!



Down-proof cotton casing.
Pure cotton threads tightly woven to prevent mites from passing through. 

Ultimate sink-in softness

Our ultra fine fiber fill pillows are super soft and squishy and conforms to
whatever shape you want it to be.
If you absolutely love that luxurious sink in stay-cation pillows, then look no further. 

True Comfort

The pillow regulates heat well due to its silk-like fiber filling. These fill do not cluster together unlike other pillows, allowing heat to dissipate evenly.

The Brand

In this current era, the modern day individual benefits greatly by keeping things simple.

This is why we've decided to embrace the basics.

Our minimalist designs are meant to keep your thoughts clear and eyes relaxed.

Functional features that are useful and not irrelevant.

If a modern lifestyle is what you seek, and comfort is your desire, then you'll probably love what you see.

100% Ultra fine fiber fill
Ultra sink-in softness
Choosing your softness

Ultra Soft Sink-in

Our ultra soft pillows provide the ultimate sink-in softness. If you absolutely love the never-get-up feeling of your luxurious hotel stays, then sink right into the depths of your snugly-wuggly pillow with the ultra soft.

Recommended to pair up with a balanced soft sink-in pillow for maximum comfort and adjust-ability.

1.4 Kilograms of softness, all encased in a single & large supple pillow 

Balanced Soft Sink-in

 These balanced soft sink-in pillows are similar to the softness of down pillows and they provide more support than the ultra soft counterpart. This is the recommended pillow most ideal the one-pillow sleepers. 

Recommended to pair up with an ultra soft sink-in pillow for maximum comfort and adjust-ability.

1.5 kilograms of softness all concentrated in a single & large supple pillow 

Light oak stitching paired with down proof cotton casing

The perfect marriage between aesthetics and functionality.

Light oak stitched ends design for a simple and minimal look, pure white down-proof cotton casing for peace of mind in the night.