Bedsheets, Pillows, Duvets and Mattress

Frequently Asked Questions

Bedsheet materials

What Materials are available?

Hotel Luxury Cotton. The sheets you’ll find in most 4-5 star hotels

Giza Egyptian Cotton. The finest cotton sheets in the world

Tencel Lyocell. Made from Eucalyptus fibres, extremely soft and smooth

Tencel x Naia. Our own unique created made of Eucalyptus and Pine fibres. 

What is Tencel x Naia?

Tencel x Naia is Oak & Sands own unique fabric. We blend Tencel Lyocell and Naia Eastman Fibres together to create a material that is still as soft and cooling as the 100% Tencel Lyocell but more durable and resistant to pilling

What is thread count?

Thread count is the measurement of the threads of fibre per square inch of fabric. A General note is that Higher thread count does not equate to softer sheets as many other factors such as Yarn sizing and weave matters.

We use the optimal thread count of 300TC for our Tencel Lyocell, Tencel Naia and Luxury Hotel Cotton sheets and a 580TC for our Giza Egyptian Cotton.

Why does oak & Sand not use 1000+TC sheets?

A thread count of that size is due to manufactures artificially inflating the thread count by using 2 or 3 ply sheets to double or triple the amount. 


What Is our pillows filled with?

We use a fine fill of microfibre to ensure that the pillows have a sink-in feeling and don’t flatten overtime

What is the difference between soft and medium?

The main difference is the weight, Medium - 1550gs and Soft - 1400gs. If you like stacking your pillows, we’d recommend having 2 Soft Pillows.


What are the duvets filled with?

Our Duvets are filled with a Down-like ultra fine fibre, to keep you warm while not having to harm any animals when making our products.

What is the difference between luxury and summer?

The Summer is perfect if you are someone who like a duvet that keeps you warm but not too hot, say if you like your room not too cold. 

The Luxury is perfect if you have fairly cold air conditioning (24 Degrees or below) and if you like a little bit of weight to your duvets.


What is van vorst?

Van Vorst is an American luxury mattress brand founded in 1886

What is Biorytmic sleep?

The formulation of minerals specially applied onto Biorytmic Sleep mattress ticking disperse vibrational energy that activate the meridians of the body through impulses for a better sleep environment conducive to improved intra-body communication.

What is the benefit of memory foam?

Memory foam is designed to contour to the shape of your body to help relieve pressure points and provide spine support. 

Does the mattress methylene chloride?

No, The Van Vorst Mattress are made sustainably and ethically.

General FAQs

Can I test the materials before buying?

Yes you can make an appointment with us to test the sheets, pillows, duvets and mattress so you can make an informed decision.

Are there any hypoallergenic options for people with allergies?

Our Tencel Lyocell and Tencel Naia sheets are naturally hypoallergenic and they have also been Oeko-Tex® certified (The International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile and Leather Ecology) 

Our Pillows and Duvets are also Hypoallergenic*

The Van Vorst Mattresses are Ecoolatex® which means they are naturally dust mites and bacteria resistant.