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We know that choosing sheets and pillows is not an easy task. The market is simply too saturated, and we get bombarded with many unnecessary variations.

  • Complicated and irrelevant features
  • Confusing and misleading jargon
  • Impossibly high thread counts

We've been through that ourselves and we absolutely hated it, especially when we found out that many of these features are simply gimmicks.

All we want is plain simple, quality sheets that are cozy and comfortable, like the ones we had on our luxury vacation stay. 

That's why it became an important part of our value, to give you the product information as it is, and we explain to you, logically and scientifically, why and how it works.

Sometimes, preferences can be subjective. So how do we verify that?

We test and sleep on our products ourselves.


Everything you loved about your favourite stay-cation. From pure silky white sheets to the plush and soft bedding, these are why your vacation nights have been so comfortable.

100% Cotton Sheets

These luxuriously comfortable 100% cotton sheets are the linen equivalents of your top-rated hotels and accommodations.  

Available in 5 neutral Scandinavian tones, these soft and smooth sheets will fit easily into your bedroom.

Sink-in Pillows & Duvet

These Sink-in soft pillows and puffy duvets are the dream of many, We know that you've secretly wanted to smuggle them home from your favourite luxury stay-cation. 

And now you can.

Plush Egyptian towels

Your towels won't get any better than this. At a whooping 0.8KG per towel, you can only imagine how absorbent and comfy these Egyptian cotton towels are.

No more dripping wet out-of-shower days.