Down-proof cotton casing.

Pure cotton threads tightly woven to prevent mites from passing through.

Soft and fine fiber fill

Our Duvet / comforters regulate heat well due to its generous silk-like fiber filling. These fill do not cluster together unlike other duvets, allowing heat to dissipate evenly.  

Luxury hotel quality

Soft as clouds, these comforters make the perfect sleeping buddy to cuddle with every night.  

The Brand

In this current era, the modern day individual benefits greatly by keeping things simple.

This is why we've decided to embrace the basics.

Our minimalist designs are meant to keep your thoughts clear and eyes relaxed.

Functional features that are useful and not irrelevant.

If a modern lifestyle is what you seek, and comfort is your desire, then you'll probably love what you see.


Cloud-like texture

Although usually unmentioned, the texture of the fillings play an important role in crafting a comforter / duvet.

The smooth texture of our select fibers allow the least resistance between fibers when being compressed and the ultra fine thickness allows more air space in between the fibers, providing extreme softness when being squeezed.

Each premium quality Duvet / comforter is generously filled to the brim.

100% Ultra-soft fiber fill

Modern technology advances has allowed fibers to be made finer than ever. Our duvet / comforters are filled with luxurious fibers which are so fine that they are down-like in quality, providing you with a cloudy soft companion every night.

At only a denier of thickness, these ultra fine fibers allow air to be regulated evenly, keeping you at the right temperature. 


Most allergies come from the mites and their excretions, or from down fillings.

Our down-proof cotton casing are tightly woven so that there is no space for these mites to crawl through, preventing them from building up inside the comforters itself. The interior of the casing is also treated with a layer of anti-mite technology as an added prevention against mites.

Down-proof cotton casing

Traditionally used to prevent down from straying out of the bedding, these cotton casing are woven so tightly that even mites will have trouble crawling through them, 

Why are the sheets so soft?

These super fine cotton threads are 3 x finer than your average cotton tees. They are light and thin enough to allow great flexibility of these threads towards movement, resulting is an amazingly soft sheet. 

Our 100% Cotton sheets grow even softer after every wash. 

The softness of the sheets makes your bed feel luxuriously comfortable, the perfect haven for your body after a hard day's work. 

Smooth sateen weave
Moisture Wicking
The perfect thread count balance
Breathable Fabric
Pillow Case Selection

Our 100% Cotton pillowcases are available in 5 Neutral-Scandinavian tones which are gentle are relaxing to the eyes.

Large 50 x 80 cm Pillowcase x 1

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