100% Giza Egyptian Cotton Duvet/Comforter Cover (Classic 1st Gen)

The Finest Egyptian Cotton

Authentic imports from Giza, Egypt

Giza cotton is considered the finest of all Egyptian cotton due to its superior fibers being longer, smoother, and of higher quality than any other Egyptian cotton. They are grown and harvested only in a very specific region in Egypt between the Mediterranean Sea and the Nile River where the air has high humidity, coupled with nutrient-rich soils.

With the latest advancement in technology in yarn making, we're able to craft Giza Egyptian cotton yarns that are of 140s yarn size. These extremely fine yarns are so scarce that they are only used by renowned tailors to craft the most luxurious and expensive shirts in the world.

As we continue to design and craft fabrics, you can now enjoy these Crisp and Luxurious Giza Egyptian Cotton sheets that are fit for royalty without the outrageous price tags.

Fabric Features

Luxuriously Smooth

 At an incredible 140s yarn size, these extremely long & fine fibers are woven into sheets that result in a extremely smooth surface. 

Crisp yet Soft 

These premium crips sheets grow even softer after every wash while maintaining their smooth texture.

Ultra resistant to Pilling

Our fine and extra long fibers, paired with high twist counts, ensures maximum resistance to pilling and fuzzy sheets.

Extra Cooling & Breathable 

 We've made our sheets extra cooling and breathable in this built, making it suitable for all weather. 

Moisture Wicking

Naturally absorbent and hydrophilic, our sheets will keep you cool, dry & comfortable without feeling clammy in the night.

Easy to launder


Machine washable and dryer friendly, these easy-to-maintain cotton sheets provide utmost convenience for even the busiest households.

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Ethically sourced from sustainable resources, we’re giving back to nature. Not just for the benefit of our future generations, but for the Earth itself.

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Fabric Crafting 

The Finest Cotton

140s is finest cotton that is previously only available to bespoke suit makers. We choose this specification to create the smoothest possible cotton on earth.

Durable and anti-pilling

We know that many silky smooth sheets don't last, that's why we designed this fabric to be extra durable. You can now enjoy silky smooth sheets without worrying about pilling and fuzzy fabrics. Best of all, they are dryer friendly.

Egyptian Cotton from Giza, Egypt

There's a quality difference even for the top 1% of cotton supplies. Nothing comes closer to the peak than cotton grown in Giza, Egypt

Smooth and Crisp 

Crisp, cozy and extra smooth, the Giza fabric grows softer with every wash. A perfectly balanced material which performs extremely well for all aspects that we're looking for.

Fabric Details 

The smoothest & finest cotton on earth 


Cotton has been made into fabrics since 5000 years ago and there's a reason why it is still the most used material for fabric weaving. Our 140s Cotton ensures that the fabric is as smooth as it gets. Previously only available to bespoke tailors who craft premium suits in small quantities, we're now able to produce the fabric with scale, enabling its use in modern bedding.

Fabric Crafters Note: The reason for crafting in this specification is to achieve the highest level of smoothness and comfort, without making it prone to pilling and fuzziness. With our current built, we are able to craft cotton in an unbelievably smooth texture that is also ultra durable unlike other any other smooth fabrics. 

Incredibly pill resistant

The hardest part of fabric crafting is to maintain the correct balance of softness and smoothness while maximising its durability in terms of pilling. While it is a natural phenomenon, it has always been on our mind to develop luxurious fabrics that resist pills and maintain its texture for the longest possible time. The Giza Egyptian Cotton collection is by far the most pill resistant while still being buttery smooth and crisp. They also grow softer with every wash!

Fabric Crafter's Note: High pilling resistance (fuzzy balls) allows sheets to maintain its smoothness for a long time. As with all other types of smooth and silky sheets, they come at the expense of being more prone to pilling. If you love the smoothness of your bamboo, lyocell or Tencel sheets but dislike that they lose their texture after a few washes, this fabric is made for you.

Crisp sheets that grows softer

Giza Egyptian cotton in grey from oak and sand

The Giza Egyptian Cotton Sheets are crisp and luxurious, and they tend to maintain their shapes more than other softer fabrics. As you wash and use the Giza Egyptian Cotton sheets from Oak & Sand, they become softer and cozier as they age. These Giza Egyptian Cotton sheets will certainly outlive all your other sheets in years to come.

Fabric Crafter's Note: Crisp sheets tend to feel expensive and luxurious to the touch. The more usage a fabric gets, the looser their weave, making it softer. Since the fabric starts off as a tighter weave, it will not get too overly soft and flimsy. Being crisp also means that it conforms better to the duvet insert and won't separate.