This is how you fold your bedsheets!

Buying a fancy headboard for beds is not enough to stylize the room! Pillow case, duvet covers, and bed sheets are the outer layers that do the job in keeping the room neat, and at the same time customizable to fit the interior.

Let’s face it. There’s one thing bed sheets are a burden for, and that is in folding and storing it properly. These sheets are designed with rounded corners to hook in easily on the sides of the bed securely. Yes, bedsheets are definitely a must, but like any other piece of item, there are some disadvantages that may peeve you off. In this article, we discuss how to fold bedsheet.

No worries though, as it’s time to learn how to fold those bedsheets!

How to Fold Bedsheets

Folding bed sheets isn’t the most desirable job ever. It can crinkle or be all over the place while you are packing it up. There are two ways to fold a bed sheet, and that is depending if you have a fitted sheet or a flat sheet.

Flat sheets are significantly easier to fold than the fitted sheet. A flat sheet is just a rectangular fabric placed on top of the bed, whereas fitted sheets are what we can call the “normal” ones. The fitted sheets are the burden of the bed sheets, as the rounded garterized corners are the worst to press and fold.

As a general tip and guideline, whether you are trying to learn how to fold a flat sheet or a fitted sheet, you need to have a decent amount of space to lay out these sheets. Trying to fold these big bedsheets in a tiny space can make the job tougher!

Folding a flat sheet

For a flat sheet, all you have to do is fold it in about three to four sections lengthwise, depending on how big the bed sheet is or how you want it to be stored, making sure that there are no peeking edges from the side. After that, fold it again into three to four sections that should create a rectangle or a square. If you are folding more than one, just make sure that they are all in the same size for it to stack neatly on your cabinets.

Folding a fitted sheet

Now this is the real challenge. To fold a fitted sheet could be tough. Fitted sheets may be shaped as squares or rectangles, but it's corners that hook into the bed are not. What makes it even harder is that they are garterized, and there is a tendency for it to bunch or bulge a lot while you are folding.

As the fitted sheets are more complicated to fold than a flat sheet which are pretty straightforward, here is a detailed instruction.

  1. Lay the sheet on your hands and hold the top two corners inside-out.
  2. Vertically fold the fitted sheet and put the right top side over the left. You are doing the step correctly if your fitted sheet is inside out with a pocket.
  3. For the garterized corners, make sure to tuck it to each other to secure them together.
  4. Fold the sheet lengthwise again, and bring the other two opposite sides on the corners you are holding for all the corners to meet.
  5. Again, tuck the corners together to secure the sheets. Just tuck the right corner on the left side.
  6. On a flat surface, lay your folded fitted sheet, curved edge going to the center to form a straight edge. It should look like a long panel once you are done with this step.
  7. Last but not least, fold it into sections, depending on how big you want it to be for storage. Voila, you should have a neat square of a fitted sheet!


Folding a flat sheet is as easy as one, two, and three, but we can’t say the same for a fitted sheet which are more popular among the household heads. However, if you spare a little bit more of your patience and some space to fold this big sheet, then you can totally do the job! 

Never neglect the job of organizing. You might not feel it head on, but having a clean wardrobe (and house as a whole) will help you feel more alive and energized!