What Are Duvet Cover Sets?

 Sleeping is a vital need. Sometimes, your body clock automatically triggers your demand for sleep, despite not being tired throughout the day.

A good night's sleep is worth more than a soft bed and fluffy pillow. The blanket you are using probably would not suffice if you want to ensure that you are recharging at the best condition possible. Duvets with Duvet covers are much better than regular blankets, but first, what exactly are they?

What is a duvet?

A duvet is a type of thick blanket with inserts or fillings of pure fluff. It's made up of two parts, the duvet shell and the duvet filler. The tickings (another term for duvet shells) are made of durable cotton, manmade fibre material and natural materials like down feathers. Yes, a down duvet exists! Most duvets have a high thread count to ensure that all the fillings would not spill out, while keeping ensuring that the fabric is not too stuffy. Meanwhile, the fillers can be made from natural to synthetic fillings, and each option has a different level of breathability and weight.

Duvets with Duvet covers offer the breathability and warmth to create the best sleeping environment for the users. Some may prefer the heavier weight, while others may find it suffocating. Some may also prefer a warmer blanket, yet many would like a lighter one if they can brave the cold. All in all, weight preference may throw you off from using a duvet. However, there are also lighter duvets and duvet covers available in the market at a higher price. 

What are duvet cover sets, and why do you need it?

Duvet covers are meant to be used as a cover for a duvet, hence the name. To make it less confusing, the duvet is the fluffy blanket, while the duvet insert covers the blanket. It can be used to lessen the dust accumulated in the duvet, provide additional comfort, depending on the cover's texture or fabric, and of course, to match the interior of the house. If you are feeling creative, you can actually use the cover on its own without the duvet inside.

Having a cover for your duvet is recommended as it makes your blanket more flexible when changing. Usually, duvets only come in basic colors, and covers truly help in making a more appealing design that goes well with the room. This would make the inner duvet last longer and hygenic. The best thing about the duvet cover set is that it is made of long-lasting materials, different from the normal thin blanket everyone uses.

There are some things you should look out for, though if you are planning to invest on a duvet cover set. Those who are impatient with the cleaning will find changing one duvet cover to another as a hassle. Duvets can also move around its cover while you use it since it's a thick blanket wrapped around another blanket-like cover. Despite these reasons, it still pays off to use a duvet as it gives the utmost relaxation for your snooze.

Similarly, you could often get matching pillow shams along with your duvet cover set of choice. Also ensure that your duvet is evenly distributed (especially so with down duvets) before putting on your covers — this will make your top layer fit nicely with the fill evenly distributed. Ensure that you check if your duvet and duvet cover is machine washable. A polyester cover (or duvet itself) and any other synthetic alternative should be fine for washing.


It's clear as daylight that duvets provide a difference in your sleep. Lying down on your bed becomes more comfortable with duvets, and it's made even versatile and flexible by having a duvet cover. Buying duvet covers (Singapore) also multiplies the benefits of having just the duvet, especially for its comfort, design, and convenience.